Hormone Pellet Therapy: Benefits And Risks

At a certain age, the number of sex hormones starts to decline. This problem comes with its various effects on the human mind and body.

Regardless of gender, both males and females undergo this phenomenon.

However, this condition can also start in younger people due to some disease or external factors.

For dealing with this problem, hormone therapy is practiced which can be performed by various methods but hormone pellet therapy is the most reliable one.

Actually, the method of therapy has always been evolving. This evolution has provided us with the most effective method known as “hormone pellet therapy

The Procedure

  • Before the therapy, blood analysis is done for determining the quantity of hormones, one needs to overcome the deficiency.
  • If the analysis is not done properly it may lead to dangerous health problems due to excessive hormones in the blood.
  • The pellets are kept under the skin usually in the buttock
  • They keep releasing the hormones slowly for about 5–6 months. Usually, these hormones are biologically created from plants and are identical to our body’s hormones.
  • The patient needs to get examined by the doctor after some time to check if the pellets are delivering the right quantity. If the quantity has fallen off, a new pellet can be inserted.

Comparison of different kinds of methods used for hormone therapy


  • Hormone pellet therapy is the most natural way. It is carefully regulated to avoid any problems.
  • It is a much consistent and long-lasting Moreover, it is a completely painless procedure.
  • You don’t have to remember any medicines or pills to take every day, instead, the pellet keeps delivering the hormones in the right amount without getting felt.
  • It is a very quick method and also requires very low maintenance. After the initial consultation, the patient can visit the doctor after every 3–4 months, saving the time of both doctor and the patient.
  • It also prevents the children in your house from consuming the hormones as nobody can access them under your skin. If taken in large quantities, can lead to health problems like HBP, heart disease, stroke, etc.


The hormone pellet therapy is actually a much effective way of therapy. The hormones have a significant effect on the patient’s health.

So, if any carelessness occurs, a large amount of hormones can enter and disrupt the balance causing medical issues like,

  • Acne
  • Hair fall
  • mood swings
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Vision problems

Every medicinal drug has its side effects which are needed to be listed. But many of these hormones are not required to submit their side effects which does not provide a clear picture of the treatment for patients.

Moreover, a number of drug manufacturing companies are not focusing on the quality of these hormones, and some man-made compounds are also heard to be a component of these hormones. This irregularity needs to be solved otherwise leading to many medical side effects on long-term use.

Reference: Bubolo Medical

Layers of skin to pass for hormone pellet therapy

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