Bio-Identical Hormones Therapy – Are There Any Benefits?

Bio-identical hormones have been around for decades. They are generally made from plant sources and are a great alternative to synthetic hormones. Many people still think bio-identical hormones in Woodlands are just a fad; they haven’t grasped the growing popularity and acceptance. Bio-identical hormone Woodlands have many benefits, but how can you tell which brand to go with? Here are some things to look for.

-The manufacturer should be FDA approved.

There’s a bit of controversy about bio-identical hormones in Woodlands. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate commercial cosmetic products; however, they do regulate over-the-counter products. If a company won’t let you know if their products are safe or effective, there’s little reason to buy from them.

-What are the side effects?

There have been few, if any, reported side effects linked to bio-identical hormones. Some patients notice minor headaches or muscle pain during the first few weeks of taking the product, but these are short-term and only for those who are new to taking bio-identical hormones. More serious side effects are unlikely, as these are not the bio-identical hormones in use today.

-What can I do to alleviate my symptoms?

Right away, you can try drinking more water and other liquids, as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. The main bio-identical hormones in use today are mostly plant based and contain no artificial sweeteners, fragrances, or preservatives. These are the easiest and most effective ways to relieve symptoms, as long as you aren’t allergic to the plant hormones.

-What are the benefits?

In general, bio-identical hormones carry fewer risks for women than synthetic hormones, even when used for extended periods. Women who choose to take these drugs will not experience a significant increase in the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, or breast cancer, though some of the benefits cannot be ruled out. For men, the benefits seem to be limited to erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Men taking these drugs to treat male impotency have noted an increase in sperm count and better sex performance, but the benefits remain unproven for other men.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies continue to lobby against bio-identical hormones therapy, warning that it could be dangerous. They claim that the long-term use of synthetic hormones could lead to cancers, heart attacks, stroke, or autoimmune disorders. But studies have not found a connection between bio-identical hormones and any of these ailments.

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