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Pecansproducing associates have been able to adapt the technical knowledge of this ancient crop originating in America to the unique climate of this place, cultivating it with great care and using the most modern environmentally-friendly handling techniques, achieving an extra size and a flavor of an exceptional quality, which make no doubt some nuts  pecans unique. The nutshop presented in pecans of 500 grams.

What are pecans

Walnuts pecans, also known as American nuts are pleasant and with exceptional nutritional value. It is produced by the “pecan” tree originally from North America, where the largest world production is concentrated, although there are smaller plantations in Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and more recently in southern Spain.

It was one of the great nutritional discoveries that Columbus brought to Spain from the Americas, although the planting of the pecan tree in Spain until recent times did not go beyond being used as an ornamental and fruit tree in some gardens of large stately homes, and palaces.

Its external appearance differs quite a lot from the common walnut, due to a much more elongated shape and a smooth shell that is easier to break than this one. On the other hand, inside, although the fruit is longer if it recalls the characteristic shape of the walnut, and its flavor is exquisite, more intense, with a sweet touch that makes it unmistakable.

Both walnuts and pecans share their high content of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, as two of their most notable nutritional qualities.

Nuts pecans are rich in ellagic acid, strong antioxidant which helps prevent various properties carcinogenic proliferate, and substantial amounts of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin also help the body get rid of free radicals, preventing various kinds of diseases. All these qualities make pecans a superfood that offers a unique combination of attributes to the diet that differentiates them from any other food and essential ingredient in any healthy and balanced diet. Thus its beneficial to purchase bulk pecans.