The Time for the Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is an operation to remove the lens of the eye when it is cloudy. The function of the lens is to focus the rays of light that enter the eye to help us see. The lens should be clear, but when you have a cataract it becomes cloudy. Having a cataract is like looking through cloudy or dirty glasses and seeing things blurry, cloudy and with less color. The only way of removing a cataract use to be through surgery.

During cataract surgery, your natural cloudy lens is removed and an artificial clear lens is inserted. This lens is called the intraocular lens.

How is the operation?

A micro incision is made in the cornea through which the Cataract Surgery will be performed. The cataract is inside an envelope that must be preserved. The kraff eye surgeon makes a small circular window using a technique called capsulorhexis. A probe is then inserted, which, when vibrating, dissolves the cataract, while absorbing it. Depending on the degree of hardness of the cataract, more or less time will be used to extract the different fragments of the cataract. Once all the remains of the cataract have been aspirated, the graduated lens is inserted, which replaces the extracted lens. Thus ends the intervention, not being necessary in most cases to give any stitches, or cover the operated eye.

After the intervention?

You should never rub your operated eyes. If tearing, blot with sterile gauze away from eye, on cheek. Avoid blows to the eye and sudden movements.

At home you should have peace of mind and if you want you can get some sleep to recover from the stress of the intervention.

It is normal to notice some bruise or effusion in the operated eye.

You should request an emergency consultation in case of: deformed and non-centered pupil, pain, abundant secretions, increased redness, decreased vision.

After the first few weeks?

It is normal to have better vision during the day than at night. Some patients have nocturnal brightness that is subsiding.

You can do sports in which there is no contact (gymnastics, running …). If you practice contact sports or swimming, wear protective glasses.

After a few weeks you can bathe in the pool or in the sea and put your head under the water with your eyes closed. To open them under water, it must take at least three months.

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