Oversized Sunglasses Styling: Tricks to Know

You have probably wondered whether you should get oversized sunglasses or not. Some people think that they are not trendy anymore, but you can rest assured because you can find shapes to stand the test of time.

Therefore, you should remember that large options are top-rated, especially for women. By wearing them, you can achieve a classy look that resembles celebrities and movie stars.

However, you should know how to wear them properly, mainly because if you do not match them with your clothing, you will seem silly to others. Let us start from the beginning.

Things to Know About Oversized Sunglasses

It is vital to remember that oversized shades come with large lenses, a form of a fashion statement. It is a bold perspective because you must put them on, and you will present yourself in a proper manner

Besides, they are here to help you share your perspective with others by using a carefree attitude while wearing them.

We must start by saying that oversized frames became popular during the sixties when Jackie Kennedy began to wear them. Since she was a fashion symbol of her time, most celebrities used them to keep discrete and low profiles.

It is crucial to mention the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn wearing them, which boosted their popularity. Since that point, numerous celebrities have been using them and embraced this trend.

You should know that wearing oversized shades will not keep you out of focus, but you will bring more attention to yourself.

Oversized sunglasses come with large frames compared with regular ones. You can rest assured because this type will not overwhelm your face, especially if you find a proper size and frame thickness that goes together with your face type.

It means you should avoid choosing the first one you notice and try to pick thickness, shape, and dimensions that work for you.

Another important consideration is that you will get additional protection while wearing them, making them perfect for being in direct sunlight on beaches, pools, and parks.

Generally, they look amazing, but you should find a pair that will meet your facial features. The best style depends on your taste, but you may fail if you choose a lousy size.

Everyone can wear them, but you need to find ways to look fabulous in them without creating a completely different appearance and perspective. The primary goal is to find the lenses and frames that will complement your face and style. You can check Tom Ford Glasses or similar brands to see which one fit your preference.

  • Avoid Cheek Touching – When choosing oversized frames, you should find the ones that will sit on your face without touching your cheeks. It doesn’t matter if you are grinning or relaxing because if you see frames that feel your cheeks, it means you have found too large an option for your facial features.
  • Do Not Hide Your Eyebrows – Another important consideration is to avoid hiding your eyebrows behind sunglasses because the effect may be problematic and odd. Therefore, you should choose a size that will let your eyes peek from the centre of the lenses.


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