Marijuana-based Parkinson’s Medication Pushes Forward

Parkinson’s disease is perhaps one of the most well-characterized neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson’s is often described as a condition that is matched by tremors, problems with balance, and mobility issues. The overall cause of Parkinson’s is unknown at this time but the disease does lead to ongoing and reduced dopamine production.

Parkinson’s medication using cannabis has shown excellent promise. GB sciences is a technology company that is developing a marijuana-based medication that is showing promise in the market for treating Parkinson’s disease.

There’s an ongoing theory that marijuana has been able to help people with Parkinson’s disease since the year 2005. A scientific paper was published to look at the nature of the disease development and how a series of cannabis-based treatments were able to slow the growth of the disease.  Cannabis formulas have continued to help patients to maintain their health when used illegally and as CBD and cannabis-based products are opening up on the market, there has been greater widespread testing on these products for the future.

With the scope of testing also comes an increase with the scope of development. A number of manufacturers are using new testing methods to develop marijuana-based Parkinson’s medication. The scope of testing with these Parkinson’s formulations is proceeding much faster than expected with the legalization effort.

As marijuana-based treatment is becoming more widespread, there are doctors across the United States that are seeking out Parkinson’s patients for drug trials. Filling out an online application will make sure that word certified physicians are able to put you on a list for medical cannabis treatments. If you are interested in joining a drug trial be sure to check in with your local physician and consider speaking to a Parkinson’s disease relief specialist from a convenient location in a state where CBD products are legal.

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