Marijuana-based Parkinson’s Medication Pushes Forward

Parkinson’s disease is perhaps one of the most well-characterized neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson’s is often described as a condition that is matched by tremors, problems with balance, and mobility issues. The overall cause of Parkinson’s is unknown at this time but the disease does lead to ongoing and reduced dopamine production.

Parkinson’s medication using cannabis has shown excellent promise. GB sciences is a technology company that is developing a marijuana-based medication that is showing promise in the market for treating Parkinson’s disease.

There’s an ongoing theory that marijuana has been able to help people with Parkinson’s disease since the year 2005. A scientific paper was published to look at the nature of the disease development and how a series of cannabis-based treatments were able to slow the growth of the disease.  Cannabis formulas have continued to help patients to maintain their health when used illegally and as CBD and cannabis-based products are opening up on the market, there has been greater widespread testing on these products for the future.

With the scope of testing also comes an increase with the scope of development. A number of manufacturers are using new testing methods to develop marijuana-based Parkinson’s medication. The scope of testing with these Parkinson’s formulations is proceeding much faster than expected with the legalization effort.

As marijuana-based treatment is becoming more widespread, there are doctors across the United States that are seeking out Parkinson’s patients for drug trials. Filling out an online application will make sure that word certified physicians are able to put you on a list for medical cannabis treatments. If you are interested in joining a drug trial be sure to check in with your local physician and consider speaking to a Parkinson’s disease relief specialist from a convenient location in a state where CBD products are legal.

This post was written by Flo Sugyatno, operations manager of LOCAL’d and cannabis expert. LOCAL’d is a helping hand to the companies that strengthen your community in the Washington, DC area. Helping them to grow through financial and promotional support, LOCAL’d is a Washington DC weed delivery service!

COVID-19 and Its Effect on Congenital Heart Disease

If your child has already been diagnosed with congenital heart defects, then remember that the kid will be more vulnerable and can get critically ill, in case he or she is ever infected with Coronavirus. They are at a much higher risk for COVID-19:

So, your family member must take all possible precautions to minimize any risk of infection particularly for your child. In fact, if your child is below 2 years of age then you cannot even use any BYD N95 masks for them and therefore you need to be very vigilant about your child.

So, if you need to take your child for cardiac check-up, then how can you visit a hospital where there is always a chance of being infected? Following are few precautions and steps that you must take during OPD consultation.

  1. If any of the parents has fever or cough then does not bring your child for check-up. Same is the case if any of your close contacts are COVID-19 positive. Also, if the child too has fever and coughs then first his respiratory infection treatment is necessary by a general pediatrician. After treatment his/her cardiac condition will be checked.
  2. Only one attendant will be allowed with the patient at the hospital.
  3. Instead of coming to a hospital directly, you need to take prior appointment in order to minimize the waiting time at the hospital. The child will be directly taken for check-up.
  4. Attendants of the child must wear masks and if your child is above 5 years age then the child should also be given suitable mask to wear.
  5. All doctors and nurses seeing the patient will be wearing appropriate PPE while checking the patient. This will minimize any risk of being cross-infected from even asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

In case, you need to admit your child for any surgery or intervention, then how should the procedure be like? In such case, bring your child along with single attendant (normally mother) and both will be admitted.

As per the present guidelines, both the child and attendant will be tested for COVID-19.  Once both of them are found COVID-19 negative, then the hospital will first shift your child along with the attendant to pre-surgical cardiac ward. Surgery will usually be planned for the next day.

In case, the results of COVID-19 test is still pending, and an emergency surgery is needed because of critical nature of the heart disease, then the patient will be treated by doctors and nurses wearing full PPE kit and will take all precautions for preventing cross-infection.

Please note that various studies have indicated that the risk of any surgery are higher for COVID positive patients. Therefore, it is important that parents too must understand this fact.

It should not mean that any emergency cardiac procedures will not be done for critically ill patients in case he happens to be COVID positive because not treating any critical cardiac defect can also be a life-threatening situation.

It must be understood that we should accept higher risk of cardiac procedure while treating these COVID-19 positive patients along with critical type of congenital heart defects.

Most well guarded secrets about wholesale nuts supplier

Pecansproducing associates have been able to adapt the technical knowledge of this ancient crop originating in America to the unique climate of this place, cultivating it with great care and using the most modern environmentally-friendly handling techniques, achieving an extra size and a flavor of an exceptional quality, which make no doubt some nuts  pecans unique. The nutshop presented in pecans of 500 grams.

What are pecans

Walnuts pecans, also known as American nuts are pleasant and with exceptional nutritional value. It is produced by the “pecan” tree originally from North America, where the largest world production is concentrated, although there are smaller plantations in Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and more recently in southern Spain.

It was one of the great nutritional discoveries that Columbus brought to Spain from the Americas, although the planting of the pecan tree in Spain until recent times did not go beyond being used as an ornamental and fruit tree in some gardens of large stately homes, and palaces.

Its external appearance differs quite a lot from the common walnut, due to a much more elongated shape and a smooth shell that is easier to break than this one. On the other hand, inside, although the fruit is longer if it recalls the characteristic shape of the walnut, and its flavor is exquisite, more intense, with a sweet touch that makes it unmistakable.

Both walnuts and pecans share their high content of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, as two of their most notable nutritional qualities.

Nuts pecans are rich in ellagic acid, strong antioxidant which helps prevent various properties carcinogenic proliferate, and substantial amounts of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin also help the body get rid of free radicals, preventing various kinds of diseases. All these qualities make pecans a superfood that offers a unique combination of attributes to the diet that differentiates them from any other food and essential ingredient in any healthy and balanced diet. Thus its beneficial to purchase bulk pecans.

Find the right sports supplements as per your choice

Do you want a fit and toned body? You’re not alone! Exercising is the bulk of the battle, but you won’t reach your goals unless you also have a plan to provide your body with the fuel it needs to knead muscles. Packed with lean protein, Snac sports nutrition formulas give your body the resources it needs to recover and repair your muscle tissue after an intense workout. Most are low in sugars and carbohydrates, and some even include additional antioxidants to reduce the cellular damage that free radicals can do once oxygen has been pumped into the system.

Protein shakes to enhance post-workout relief

When looking to build up your muscles and see better results from your training, it may be a good idea to explore quality protein powders. Not only can these simple drinks be mixed into an easy-to-use protein shake, many experts have stated that these mixes are ideal for aiding muscle growth and post-workout recovery. According to experts, protein shakes and similar drinks should be consumed approximately 30 minutes after completing your exercise routine. Some of these post-workout recovery supplements are made with no added sugar, too. Use the search filtering tools to sort your results by health concern, specialty, price, or anything else that helps you meet your fitness goals.

How Post-Workout Supplements Work

Post-workout recovery supplements are important because of the way your body builds new muscles. Exercising causes many microscopic tears in muscle tissue, which the body then repairs using protein. If you eat a large dose of lean protein after training, your body will make extra strong repairs to your muscles, making them faster. The natural recovery formulas that are put together for you are often designed for a sustained release in the stomach, providing a slow, steady supply of lean protein for hours. That gives your body time to absorb and use the maximum amount possible for the greatest gains

The Time for the Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is an operation to remove the lens of the eye when it is cloudy. The function of the lens is to focus the rays of light that enter the eye to help us see. The lens should be clear, but when you have a cataract it becomes cloudy. Having a cataract is like looking through cloudy or dirty glasses and seeing things blurry, cloudy and with less color. The only way of removing a cataract use to be through surgery.

During cataract surgery, your natural cloudy lens is removed and an artificial clear lens is inserted. This lens is called the intraocular lens.

How is the operation?

A micro incision is made in the cornea through which the Cataract Surgery will be performed. The cataract is inside an envelope that must be preserved. The kraff eye surgeon makes a small circular window using a technique called capsulorhexis. A probe is then inserted, which, when vibrating, dissolves the cataract, while absorbing it. Depending on the degree of hardness of the cataract, more or less time will be used to extract the different fragments of the cataract. Once all the remains of the cataract have been aspirated, the graduated lens is inserted, which replaces the extracted lens. Thus ends the intervention, not being necessary in most cases to give any stitches, or cover the operated eye.

After the intervention?

You should never rub your operated eyes. If tearing, blot with sterile gauze away from eye, on cheek. Avoid blows to the eye and sudden movements.

At home you should have peace of mind and if you want you can get some sleep to recover from the stress of the intervention.

It is normal to notice some bruise or effusion in the operated eye.

You should request an emergency consultation in case of: deformed and non-centered pupil, pain, abundant secretions, increased redness, decreased vision.

After the first few weeks?

It is normal to have better vision during the day than at night. Some patients have nocturnal brightness that is subsiding.

You can do sports in which there is no contact (gymnastics, running …). If you practice contact sports or swimming, wear protective glasses.

After a few weeks you can bathe in the pool or in the sea and put your head under the water with your eyes closed. To open them under water, it must take at least three months.

Tips for Healthy Food Choices to Eat Before and After Gym Workouts from Herbalife Nutrition

Everyone requires an appropriate amount of proteins, sugars, fats, nutrients, and minerals in their diet, as well as sufficient fluids to remain hydrated and a decent portion of fiber. Healthy snacking is a critical component of anyone’s eating schedule. On the other hand, for athletes, snacking guarantees high energy levels for their workout, enables muscle improvement, and maintains a healthy body. Herbalife Nutrition recommends the following healthy foods for before and after gym workouts:

Fuel Your Exercise with Pre-Workout Snacks

Carbohydrates provide the human body with fuel, so it’s critical to get enough of them.

For athletes, if their eating routine doesn’t contain enough starch, almost certainly, their efficiency and recovery will be weakened, as glycogen provides energy for both the mind and the muscles during exercise.

The body accumulates carbohydrates in the muscles and liver as glycogen, which it later uses as a source of energy. It is essential to have high energy levels at the beginning of any workout. Glycogen is the fundamental source of strength at the start of exercises.

If you are intensely working out for a more extended duration, and your glycogen stores are not sufficient, you may feel tired.

A small quantity of lean protein is alright. However, avoid fats, as they may bring about stomach-related problems whenever eaten closer to your exercise—eating your snack one-hour before the workout provides time for digestion.

Choose Healthy Sources of Protein

  • Protein Boosts Metabolism

Proteins are in every type of tissue in the human body. Usually, the body needs the energy from protein to digest and absorb the nutrients in food, which is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). The protein’s thermic effect is significantly higher than those produced by starches and fat. Your body consumes roughly 10 percent of the calories you eat while converting the food into energy and nutrients it can consume.

Adding more protein to your eating routine while exercising can assist with increasing your muscle mass, likewise improving your digestion.

  • Protein Helps Maintain Your Muscles

Proteins are the perfect food to eat after a workout. Apart from hindering muscle breakdown, proteins also help build and reinforce muscles. Proteins fix the harm caused to muscle fiber by amino acids. A combination of regular exercises with large protein consumption enhances muscle development and strengthening.

Concentrate on including at least 20 grams of protein in your diet to avoid muscle breakdown and to encourage muscle growth. It is advisable to eat your snack inside the first hour after a workout since it is perfect for restoration and rebuilding.

Pick Healthy, Convenient Snacks to Fill Nutrition Gaps

Regardless of whether you are energizing for work out, renewing energy loses, or building and fixing muscles, your body needs steady nourishment. If you’re in a hurry, pick a beneficial snack, such as a protein bar or fruit. Healthy snacks are an incredible way to get the additional nourishment that athletes and regular people alike require for right body performance.

Selecting a Lift Chair

More than just a specific piece of living room furniture, raise chairs with strength have become a staple for millions of people. Users of the lift chair include veterans, individuals with reduced mobility due to illness or injuries, bariatric patients and anyone needing help from sitting to standing. Such new mobility-impaired supports are built to raise the sitter slowly to stand up without causing unnecessary pressure on the back or legs. Today’s lift chairs are the state of the art of versatility device technologies and can be purchased in a multitude of shades of upholstery and types of cloth. However, most chairs currently made provide a choice for heat and massage.

Unlike a traditional manually reclining chair or chair lounger, today’s chairs are electrically powered and do not need to lift and pull down on side levers. A remote, push-button joystick manages both activities. Unlike some of the jerky first-generation, spring-operated automatic chairs of the past, these new electric control chairs of the 21st century are completely safe; the electric motor guarantees that the device is gently lifted and lowered. Another advantage about current chair technology is that most chairs can “power-down” to an upright sitting position in the case of an unexpected electrical failure so as not to trap the sitter in a difficult-to-transit recline.

Choosing the right lift chair is much more than just selecting a color and style of fabric to suit the decor of your space. The physical specifications are defined by the sitter’s height and weight and must be discussed before the chair is bought. A chair that is incompatible with the sitter’s physical structure, either too big or too low, is of no value whatsoever. Most chair manufacturers and styles come in multiple size options, mostly marked in letters of name and model code.

Lift Chair Positions: There are three common lift chair types; the2-position, the 3-position, and the chair limitless. Not only will you sit comfortably in all styles of seats, but you will be softly lifted in a semi-standing position. Likewise, all chairs qualify for a certain recline point. It is this degree of reclinability that separates these three styles of lift chair with electrical power.

A2-position(or partial recline) offers either a seated straight or a comfortable way for the sitter. For a more relaxed posture, the chair will tip backward approximately 45 degrees, but it will not enter a completely reclining state.

A chair with a 3-position (or complete recline) can be reclined to a quarters where the knees of the sitter are about the same height as their elbows. This is the standard recliner. Speak of the chair of a dentist, but with much more convenience and no grinding.

A lift chair infinite-position (or sleep recline) allows the user to make the full range of changes at any angle they deem appropriate. In comparison, on a flat, horizontal base, an infinite-position lift chair can be set up as a bed with all pieces of the body.

The iconic chaise lounger is the quintessential style and can be found in any of the three aforementioned types.

Lift Chair sizes: The most important consideration in selecting one of these things is to adapt the right chair height to the customer. These are the standard sizes: P or Petite-for people 5′ 3 “and below, and of tiny or very limited build S or Small-for people 5′ 3” and below, who are of small build M or Medium-for most people between 5′ 4 “and 6′, who are of medium to medium build L or Large-for most people between 5′ 9” and 6′ 1, “who are of large build XL or Ultra Large-for people taller than 6′ 1”

Paid medical research introductions

Do you want to volunteer to help medical research and get free meals, accommodation and leisure activities whilst getting paid for the privilege? It’s a real possibility if you apply to take part in one of the many clinical trials on offer.

Gaining approval

Before drugs can legally be prescribed to patients, they must be tested in approved clinical trials. Without volunteers, research will come to a standstill as we need to trial drugs on humans to see how they work and whether there are any adverse reactions. The medicines being studied have been thoroughly tested on animals and are deemed to be safe. An independent ethics committee oversees all the information given out, and a UK government agency checks them to make sure they are as safe as possible.


Each study requires a different demographic. For example, healthy men aged 18 to 45 might fit the bill for a study to cure colds and flu. To be accepted into a study, you must first register and then go through a vigorous medical examination with numerous blood samples. Questions relating to your sexual history, diet, whether you smoke, and what medications you have taken in the past will be asked. If you are eligible, you will be expected to make yourself available at short notice. The trials are held in either a hospital or research centre, where you could be an inpatient for between one and seven weeks. There are companies out there that have Patient Recruitment Services that will go through these different stages with you and sign you up and let you know what you need to do.  For an idea on what trials are out there and if you are within the parameters check out sites like


The amount you get for paid research studies depends on the length of the trial and the number of tests that you undergo. For example, a four-week asthma drug trial might pay you £3,750. On average, you will earn around £120 to £150 per day, which is quite good considering you are just lounging around and the money is paid immediately after the trial is over.


When you agree to take part in a trial, make sure you read all the documents that are made available to you before signing anything. Remember that you are being paid to give your body over to the clinical trial for experimental purposes. Be totally honest with all your medical history and life habits because anything you hold back could potentially put your life at risk. Be sure to ask yourself what price you would put on your own health.

Are you Considering clinical trials?

Data from smartwatches, activity trackers, sleep and heart rate monitors and other wearable devices are being incorporated into clinical trial methodology more and more frequently. Patients, sponsors and other stakeholders are increasingly recognising their advantages, including better understanding of a participant and the effectiveness of different treatments.

Data collected can provide valuable insight into a patient’s health and their engagement within the study. Patients themselves may have access to life metrics they would not otherwise be aware of.

The possibilities for research within pharmaceuticals are potentially endless, especially as existing products mature and additional ones make their way into the markets. The integration of a variety of data streams will provide a much deeper and more valuable insight into patient experience, as part of clinical trials.

As with anything, however, there are some considerations, which clinical trial services will always bear in mind, prior to the introduction of wearables into a clinical trial.

If you want to take part in a trial there are Patient Recruitment Services out there which you might find on the internet for instance Its so well organised they have 250,000 willing volunteers registered and pre-qualified to do clinical trials.

Scientific considerations

In order for data collected through the use of wearables to be reliable, the devices themselves must be:

Fit for purpose – Scientific questions must be driven by the trial’s endpoints and not by the choice of wearables available.

In context – Data collected, including activity levels, sleep patterns and heart rates, is only meaningful in the context in which the data has been collected.

Validated and accurate – Some devices may not have been subject to the same standards of accuracy as other medical devices, especially those developed primarily for commercial use.

Operational considerations

Alongside the scientific considerations outlined above, there are also some operational considerations,

Wearable goals – before even looking at the different devices available, sponsors must first decide what data is required. By having a very specific idea of this, the scope can be considerably narrowed.

Selection – Most people think of activity meters when referring to wearables. However, there are many different types of wearable device, including those which have multiple sensors and/or use patches. As technology improves, new innovations are being brought to market all the time, so finding the most fit for purpose design is likely to become easier and easier.

Patient experience – An uncomfortable device could impact the reliability of data collected, through loss of data or non-compliance.

Breast lifts will offer you vernal positioning without scars

Breast lifting can surely lift your sprits as well it is a form of cosmetic surgery which can restore the sagging breasts. As doing the breast lift this augmentation do not reduce the size of the breast, but rather than it restores to the previous condition from when you are younger by removing the excessive skin and tightening the area. Impertinent, non-dropping breasts are symbol of youth and sex appeal for that there are methods which can leave a woman scare free. One way of lifting the breast is non-surgical method, in which through infrared light heats the skin, which is termed as dermis. Through this heat it collagen to contract however outer level is pain free, unaffected which causes firming and tightening of the area. But it is not permanent method, but according to some sources this treatment can give a couple of years to firmer breast lift in Houston before surgery which is truly necessary. When surgery becomes necessary there is a method called scar less by the patients who have received it happily.

Benefits of breast lift

  • If you are not satisfied with the way of your body looks, it can inflict havoc on your self-confidence. Doing the surgery will give you a renewed confidence in yourself and pride on your own body.
  • If breast is larger in size this breast lift in Houston can help you to reduce the shape.
  • Do you feel like your breasts have lost their shape or volume? Then breast lift is a greatest option to lift and firm the breasts while enhancing your self-confidence. Beyond all, breast lift gives knowledge for who likes to have more cleavage, feel embarrassed about their breasts, who would like to boost their self-esteem.

The appropriate techniques based on breast lift are

  • For size and shape of your breast
  • For size and position of your areolas
  • The degree of the breast sagging/loss of volume
  • Elasticity/quality of your skin

Types of breast lifts

There are several types of techniques for performing breast lifts and the right one will depend on your body and specific needs. There are some common types to prepare and for discussing your options with you there is breast lift in Houston. Types are crescent lift cosmetic surgeon will make small incision along the top of your areola to minimize the scarring for minimal sagging to correct the breast to the original shape by breast lift, peri-areolar lift, vertical lift also known as lollipop in this technique two incisions are done one around areola and another one from the areola to the crease under the breast which is used for moderate sagging, inverted T lift which is called anchor lift and best for extreme sagging. This breast lift surgery takes two hours to complete after this patient can go home on same day itself.  These surgeries for breast lift in Houston are very famous which can be done in affordable fees and this will make you to feel self-confidence.