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Stand With Cancer Patients by Being a Part of The Awareness Campaign

October happens to be the breast cancer awareness month. Every year during this month, you’ll see countless things donning pink color to honor breast cancer victims, survivors and spread awareness. To turn pink is great as it raises awareness of everyone living with the disease and those that succumbed to it. However, awareness is lofty, but if you really wish to lend your support to the cause, give Cancer Financial Support and make a difference, you can do a number of things. Fundamentally, you can start by hosting a fundraiser. A great way to stand with cancer victims is to organize a fund-raising event honoring cancer patients. You don’t need to elaborate here.

The means to do: You can have employees or workers pay for a certain, dedicated dress down moment/day. Organize a good old, appreciated fashion bake sale. You can host it at the place of workshop, workplace or any other place that sees large congregations. Ask others to provide baked items and sell them. You can also sell ribbons as it works fine when you’re working in a retail setting with steady influx and outgoing of customers. Paper ribbons are a good thing to sell and you can ask customers to sign them. Then, hang the ribbons in your office throughout the month. Donate something: You can find many a worthy organization out there supporting breast cancer survivors and patients. Many of these groups do great things on tight budgets. A wonderful way to show your Cancer Financial Support and spread awareness is to make any monetary donation to the concerned charity. You can donate any amount. Before contributing to the cause, do your homework. You need to make sure that your help and money is indeed going to rehabilitate and help women in their journey and fight against breast cancer. You will come across large charities and cancer support groups with high administrative rates and management charges. They eat up your donations and funnel the funds to something else. Nobody wants to work with these surreptitious and fraudulent organizations. If you want to make a difference, do your research on the group before donating there. Good to volunteer: There are countless non-profits groups focusing solely on breast cancer and its awareness. They provide great volunteering opportunities. If you can’t or don’t want to make a monetary contribution, you can give you time to the cause. You need to remember that to a non-profit body, brain power and manpower is just as crucial as monetary help. You can form small groups and visit houses, hospitals and malls to conduct small shows. Prepare your presentations and get your act ready if you want to enact something on the road. You can create medical materials and leaflets to hand them down to the general public. • Attending fundraisers: If you don’t want to or host a fundraiser, you can always attend one. You will score of such events throughout the year and especially October for supporting breast cancer awareness. All you need to do is give your precious time and be the change instead of hoping for a change to happen.